Training School

European VitreoRetinal Training School

Learn with the experts! Now in its 11th year!

a 2-week mini fellowship for aspiring vitreoretinal surgeons

Brema, Germania

The Syllabus

It is the intention of the course to cover virtually all aspects of vitreoretinal surgery. Subjects will be introduced by lectures, demonstrated by video sequences and live surgery transmissions and then discussed in length and in depth in an open exchange format.

The Faculty

The main faculty of the European VitreoRetinal Training School is comprised entirely of high volume vitreoretinal surgeons, selected for their vast experience, innovative capabilities, up-to-date knowledge and teaching talent. Of eight vitreoretinal surgeons recently named most skilled in the world (Retina Times, Summer 2009 issue, p. 47), six are among the EVRTS faculty. They all come from a variety of countries to add diversity to the teaching process. Each one will attend for a 2-3 day period, covering part of the syllabus.

Course directors:

  • Klaus Lucke
  • Silvia Bopp

External faculty (current planning):

  • Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt (Tuebingen)
  • Pieter van den Biesen (Utrecht)
  • Norbert Bornfeld (Essen)
  • Claude Boscher (Paris)
  • Sven Crafoord (Orebrö)
  • Didier Ducournau (Nantes)
  • Cesare Forlini (Ravenna)
  • Giampaolo Gini (Prato)
  • Hans Hoerauf (Göttingen)
  • Frank Koch (Frankfurt)
  • Louis Kruger (Johannesburg)
  • Ferenc Kuhn (Pècs)
  • Yannick Le Mer (Paris)
  • Carlos Mateo (Barcelona)
  • Colin McCannel (Los Angeles)
  • Jerzy Nawrocki (Lodz)
  • Kirk Packo (Chicago)
  • Andreas Schüler (Bremen)
  • Paul Tornambe (San Diego)