Use of Small-gauge Vitrectomy Systems in Ocular Trauma


During the last decade, small-gauge vitreoretinal surgery has improved worldwide in regard to technological innovation and popularity. In 2001, Fujii and De Juan introduced the 25-gauge transconjunctival vitrectomy systems (TVS)1; in 2005, Eckardt introduced 23-gauge system2; and in 2010, Oshima introduced the 27-gauge system.3... (leggi l'articolo)

Prevention, readiness needed to minimize ocular trauma in variety of conditions

Both general and specialist ophthalmologists should be familiar with the newest, most effective treatments for ocular injuries, experts say.

Ferenc Kuhn, MD, PhD, executive vice president of the International Society of Ocular Trauma and president of the American Society of Ocular Trauma, said prevention is vital for reducing ocular injuries from common household and workplace accidents. General ophthalmologists must educate patients about eye safety, including the importance of eye protection, he said.... (leggi l'articolo)

Dancing from pole to pole for ocular trauma surgery success

The "Dancer philosophy" and a new approach to treating trauma

One size does not fit all:The treatment of severe bulbar traumatic pathologies requires specific knowledge of anatomy, physiopathology, and anterior and posterior surgical techniques. “Hopefully do it before, and not after [an injury],” Dr. Kuhn said. “This is something that is so important to emphasize. All of these stores that sell the tools and the equipment and materials have [eye protection] available. It’s just that people don’t make the connection.” (leggi l'articolo)


Nationally and internationally renowned for his scientific passion and ability to create innovative surgical solutions on the technological forefront, Dr. Cesare Forlini is today one of the most famous ophthalmic surgeons in the world.
This web site presents on one side, content related primarily to Dr. Forlini’s scientific/clinical professional path including a detailed professional resume with scientific and clinical milestones achieved in his career. On the other side the content provided is informative providing information regarding his Private Practice (e.g. its location and contact details), where diagnostic examinations are performed. The information provided includes also a scientific section listing the instruments at the practices disposal, their uses and some of the most common procedures that take place. In addition to contact details and address there is also an urban map to assist the reader find the practice.

Dr. Cesare Forlini

Dr. Cesare Forlini is the Director of the Operative Unit of Complex Ocular Surgery and Traumatology of the National Health care Unit of Ravenna.
He perfoms his diagnostic, consultancy and surgery on an institutional basis at the Operating Section of the Civil hospital at "Santa Maria delle Croci" in Ravenna


Surgical activity civil hospital
on pre-recovery basis
Phone number: +39 0544 285376
and with recovery in ward:
Phone number: +39 0544 285378

Diagnostc activity civil hospital for second level examinations (FAG, OCT, Biometry test, Ultrasound exams etc.)
Phone number: +39 0544 285303

Surgical activity on outpatient/day hospital basis Cataracts, Glaucoma and others)
Phone number: +39 285376

Private Practice (appointments and surgery) are performed in his private practice and in an “external specialized structure." (see section Private Practice")

Private Practice

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Ophthalmologic Examinations

Our Procedures:

Diagnostic procedures

Surgical procedures

Genetic test for macular degeneration NEW!

Other services performed by Dr. Forlini at Cidiemme

(Centre for Microsurgery, Ravenna, Via Berlinguer, 14)

Excimer laser (Model Schwind Amaris) to treat all refractive deficiencies (Myopia, Astigmatism, hypermetropia, with PRK, Lasek, Lasik technicques)

OCT Corneal with CASIA SS-1000 NEW!


Santa Maria delle Croci"
Civil hospital in Ravenna

Possible truogh Grant ICO, Grant S.O.E.

International socations:
Bremen: E.V.R.T.S.
(European Vitreoretinal Training School)
Lugano: E.S.A.S.O.

(European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology)
Thessaloniki: T.I.V.R.S.S.
(Thessalonki International Vitreo-Retinal Summer School)

Other Locations:
Lecce (LE) Italy
International Summer School of Ophthalmology

During National Congress:
S.O.I (Società Oftalmologica Italiana)

Durante International Congress:
(European Vitreoretinal Society)
(European Vitreoretinal Training School)
(European School Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology)
(South East European Ophthalmology Society)
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