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Dr. Cesare Forlini, after graduating with honors in 1974 at the University of Bologna (Italy), specialized at the Eye Clinic of Ferrara and trained at the Civil Hospital in Ravenna inside the team headed by Prof. Egidio Dal Fiume. Thanks to his master, Dr. Cesare Forlini improved his diagnostic and surgical activities on all kind of ocular pathologies, from strabismus surgeries to cataract, glaucoma, corneal transplantation and especially the surgery of vitreoretinal diseases. Prof. Dal Fiume, a pioneer of eye surgery in Italy, motivated Dr. Forlini to experience and combine different surgeries, and especially to gain experience in the complex and reconstructive surgeries ranging from cornea to crystalline lens, and retina particularly in cases of ocular trauma.
He did many internships at several Italian and foreign centres. (see Training section)

Moreover he used to participate to many national and international conferences. This allowed Dr. Forlini to continue on his way by developing the latest surgical techniques that in the last decades have been evolving rapidly. Actually he still participates to many national and international scientific conferences as invited speaker, moderator and also as surgeon during live surgery sessions that take him all around the world to illustrate techniques and experiences that are performed routinely at the hospital where he works. Moreover in the spirit of a didactic mission, he organized and directed numerous scientific conferences at hospitals where he worked, even with live surgery sessions, with the participation of distinguished Italian and foreign colleagues, and guests.

During the last years, Dr. Forlini is focusing more and more, in addition to the continuous refinement of surgical techniques (cataracts, glaucoma, vitreoretinal and corneal diseases, refractive surgery with excimer laser, corneal Crosslinking) to teaching, by making his operating unit a point of reference for many young ophthalmologists specialized or specializing who come also from foreign countries. He inserted his own operating unit into SOE organization (European Society of Ophthalmology) and ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology): they offer scholarships to deserving young ophthalmologists to spend on training courses.

Since 2002 he is a lecturer at the E.V.T.R.S. (European VitreoRetinal Surgery School) located in Bremen and since 2012 he is a lecturer at the E.S.A.S.O. (European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology) located in Lugano, where he gives scientific presentations and takes care of the surgery Wet Labs.
More often than usual, he is required to give courses at hospitals and universities, as well as during national and international conferences.

To disseminate and share his knowledge with others, Dr. Forlini has created some Associations, and some national and international Clubs among which "Italians of America", "Mediterretina", etc. (see Founder section). In particular, he is devoted to complex reconstructive surgery of the eye using "pole to pole" techniques, a term that he created by himself and which now appears among international terms universally accepted. Bulbar traumatology, whose treatment requires a surgical experience on all eye areas, represents one of his big "missions": Dr Forlini dealt with many complex cases, and decided to teach his knowledge to younger collaborators in order to spread the preparation and organizational capacity in this difficult and important sector. Courses, conferences, and videopresentations dedicated to this theme have been carried throughout the world, and have received numerous awards of appreciation by spreading the culture and preparation of young people in this very difficult and thankless area, that at the same time is so important for patients as well as for the efficient welfare organization on the territory.
Dr. Forlini participated to humanitarian missions in Iraq (Kurdistan) and Tanzania (see Missions). (see Missions)
He received numerous awards.


Nationally and internationally renowned for his scientific passion and ability to create innovative surgical solutions on the technological forefront, Dr. Cesare Forlini is today one of the most famous ophthalmic surgeons in the world.
This web site presents on one side, content related primarily to Dr. Forlini’s scientific/clinical professional path including a detailed professional resume with scientific and clinical milestones achieved in his career. On the other side the content provided is informative providing information regarding his Private Practice (e.g. its location and contact details), where diagnostic examinations are performed. The information provided includes also a scientific section listing the instruments at the practices disposal, their uses and some of the most common procedures that take place. In addition to contact details and address there is also an urban map to assist the reader find the practice.

Dr. Cesare Forlini

Dr. Cesare Forlini is the Director of the Department Ocular Surgery in Domus Nova Hospital of Ravenna.

Casa di Cura DOMUS NOVA

Phone: 0544.508.311

Fax: 0544.464.304

For further information, please visit the website

Private Practice (appointments and surgery) are performed in his private practice and in an “external specialized structure." (see section Private Practice")

Private Practice

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Ophthalmologic Examinations

Our Procedures:

Diagnostic procedures

Surgical procedures

Genetic test for macular degeneration NEW!

Other srevices performed by Dr. Forlini at Cidiemme

(Centre for Microsurgery, Ravenna, Via Berlinguer, 14)

Excimer laser (Model Schwind Amaris) to treat all refractive deficiencies (Myopia, Astigmatism, hypermetropia, with PRK, Lasek, Lasik technicques)

OCT Corneal with CASIA SS-1000 NEW!